My Crush Is Soooo Confusing!


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My Crush Is Soooo Confusing!


So a couple weeks before school ended this guy in my class started talking to me. He switched into my geometry class at the semester and at first I thought he was cute but he kind of looked like a jerk. But then when he started talking to me, I found out that he was actually really cool and nice and I started to like him A LOT. There have been a few times where he even winked at me and I just melted inside. Then one day, our teachers decided to change the seats in class. She ended up putting me and the guy I liked really close together and when he realized that we were sitting near each other, he turned around from his chair and smiled at me.  Since we were sitting closer now in class we started talking a little more about school and the sport he does. And there was one day in class where he kept turning around from his seat and smiling at me. I really thought maybe I had a chance if I played my cards right. My friends told me I should ask him for help in class but I was the smart one and he the not so smart one, so I wasn't going to dumb myself down for a boy; plus he already knew that I was smart. But, the last few days he has started to talk to me less and less. I don't know if it's just because he is concentrated on finals or if he isn't interested. I have a feeling he knows that I like him and he doesn't like me. One of my best guy friends even guessed that I liked him just by my actions and that I always smile around him. Another problem is that I don't have his number and I don't want to ruin things by asking him if he doesn't like me. I'd rather be friends with him then not talk to him at all. And by the time you get this and answer it I will probably be out of school and we have no way to talk to each other outside of school. I mean I kind of know the people he hangs out with but I'm not exactly close with those people. I know I have a really really detailed situation but I was wondering if there is any advice you could give me.

Thank you,
P.S. He has no social networking sites what so ever. 
Hey Madeline! Do not feel alone girl, we have all been in your position and felt confused by the male species. Although they may seem like they are from another planet, guys are pretty simple creatures. If they like you, usually they will show it through their actions and words. Sure, sometimes things get in the way. They may be shy, immature or their feelings might change. The only way you will know for sure what is going on with your crush's mixed signals is asking him. This sounds like it may be way too forward for you, so why not just nonchalantly make conversation? Do your best to pretend you are talking to a friend(so you don't get nervous) and ask him what his plans are for summer, if he is playing any sports or find out if he is going to the end of the year party. Ask him anything, the point is to get him chatting. Pay attention to his body language and if he seems interested. If he is, throw in a "Hey, we should hang out this summer...want to exchange numbers?" Good luck! If he isn't feeling it, no one will remember by the time the next school year rolls around. Remember to focus on all the fun things you want to do this summer and new people you could meet. ;) Enjoy your break!
GZ Advisor