A New Age Of Prom


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A New Age Of Prom

  By Taylor Gerard

            Prom. The single social event that is supposed to be the most magical night of a high schooler’s career. From pictures of other upperclassmen to the dozens of instagram posts that flooded your feed last year, your expectation for your prom is a flawless, enchanting evening.  Indeed, prom itself can be wonderful and memorable experience. However, the lead up to prom… well that’s a different story.

            The stress about the dress, hair and shoes is definitely straining. But, the most angst-producing, cringe-inducing aspect of the prom lead up is getting a date. Recently, getting an extravagant “promposal” has become a high school tradition. An immense amount of attention and pressure surrounds how a person gets asked to prom.

            A promposal can range from a comical song performed in the middle of the lunch room, to a balloon filled room with rose petals strewn on the floor, to a personalized scavenger hunt. All in all, promposals can get pretty elaborate. My promposal came when I was sitting in the school cafeteria which is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. My friends distracted me while 5 shirtless guys scaled the building. When I turned my head, I saw written on their chests “p-r-o-m” with a question mark on the chest of my future date.

            Although promposals can sometimes be over the top, in most situations, a prom date is more likely to be a companion rather than a romantic date. Movies such as “Never Been Kissed,” and “She’s All That,” skew the realities of prom. Prom’s are not life changing events that will shape your romantic future or define your high school life. If you are worried about getting a prom date, ask your best guy friend to take you. Not only will that alleviate the anxiety of being asked, it will also make your prom experience less forced and more comfortable. Think about how easy conversation will be and how cute and candid those prom pictures will end up. Unless you have a serious boyfriend, you will be much happier with a date with whom you have other long lasting memories, rather than a single night of memories. Not to mention, the date will have a better sense of what type of promposal you would like.

            If you don’t have a specific guy friend who you think would be a suitable prom date, there is absolutely no shame in going to prom with a group of friends. In fact, the pre-prom events, the date and promposal are all forgotten once you get to prom. Part of the reason why the actual party is so magical is because the night brings together friends. Peers are able to let loose and just have a good time. Once at prom, everybody clusters together and essentially becomes one big group. Even the people who bring dates usually end up intermixing with their friend groups.

            The lead up to prom can be extremely anxiety-provoking and can seem like a much larger issue than it actually is. The prom night is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. In reality, the actual night itself is what you are going to remember ten or fifteen years from now, not what came before. Prom culminates four years of high school memories and celebrates an ending and a new beginning.