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New Girl

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The Allure of New Girl: Tackling the Plight of Struggling Millennials with Poise and Humor

By Nicole Eno

As a lover of television and sitcoms, I have always been drawn to any show depicting the lives of a group of friends trying to find their way in a big city. From the original ‘Friends’ to the more glamorous ‘Sex and the City,’ these shows portray a lifestyle that any young professional would aspire to. Unfortunately, they are often far from realistic. As a current college student, I am often faced with the harsh realities of student loans, increasing tuition, and bleak job prospects once I graduate. I’m sure that much of my generation can attest that life after college lacks much of the glitz, adventure, and excitement that makes for good TV. However, with the emergence of shows like New Girl, it appears that some networks are finally getting the hint.

Michael Calabrese of posits that New Girl “does a great job presenting its characters economic reality.” All of the main characters have pooled their money in order to share a loft, which still barely offers enough space. Though two of the roommates do hold full time jobs, most of them have struggled with unemployment and uncertainty at some point in the series. Nick is a law-school dropout who now works as a bartender, Jess is a recently unemployed teacher, and though Winston is currently on his feet he was very recently just as destitute as his fellow roommates. The only one who seems to have consistent success is Schmitt, who flaunts the spoils of his corporate job quite regularly.

All things considered, I can appreciate this financial reality check that is sweeping through the television world. Even networks like HBO are embracing this more accurate and messy portrayal of life for a young professional with shows like ‘Girls.’ Even though I’m still two years out from graduation, I am still very aware of the economic climate that I’ll be facing once I am officially on my own. As fun as they may be to watch, I am preparing myself for a lifestyle bereft of downtown lunches, trendy lofts and gallery openings. Unfortunately, my millennial budget just won’t allow it.