Now and 4EVA


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Now and 4EVA

Now and 4EVA

 The 80's are back Now and 4EVA with Architecture in Helsinki's newest album. My left and right feet alternate tapping along to the eclectic beat. Now and 4EVA is the 5th release of the 5 members of the Australian band who appeared on the music scene in 2000. I can't help but want to clap my hands and sing along (and this on my first listen). Similar to R&B artist Mayer Hawthorne's first two albums, AIH brings back music from the hits of past decades. They channel some of the greats, especially Madonna's twist on disco and the 80s new wave of the B-52's, AIH refuses to conform to contemporary standards. Though classified as indie pop the group continues to do their own thing and make their own energetic statement. The music feels as though it is bouncing up and down on a trampoline and calling for others to join.

AIH lyrics tend to hide behind the music, but once they are uncovered it is hard not to smile. The lyrics call for the listener to live in the present. The 12 song track list is a thorough celebration of life and love. The lyrics "Whoever told you your life was a drag was so wrong" and "Why don't everybody dream a little crazy" remind listeners that even though life doesn't always seem magical, it can be; we all have the ability to dream. Rather than praise a woman in "April" for her beauty, she is praised with, "the way you see the world is incredible." The celebration is in her ability to see the wonder of the surrounding world, despite all the darkness that lies amongst it. The idea continues with the lyrics of the title track which chants, "I might be broke, but I've got fire" and upholds the positive vibe. The song goes on to say "hold me forever, you make me better." Yet, "Echo" pushes the idea that though we all must slay our own dragons, we can all use support,

Have faith in me, don't ask me why

Don't rescue me, don't pass me by

Find a dark place in your memory

I'll find you there

Let me drift on towards you baby

I'll meet you there.

The tone of the song is very much one of support and not of dwelling in those dark places. The song is truly about empathy and perseverance. The human condition is one which we share, and the way through it is with companionship and support.

The final track sends the overall message home in terms of appreciating life. "Before Tomorrow" says, "make some history for tomorrow, make some history with me." Architecture in Helsinki really hit the mark, the entire album is worth downloading immediately.

 By Mareesa Miles