Pretty Pink Cupcakes


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Pretty Pink Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the promise of candy hearts, cupid, teddy bears, and sweet little notes.  Running out of ideas for gifts for your special people this holiday?  Well, say goodbye to department store Valentine’s and get ready to make your own super cute V-Day treats!






Pretty, Pretty Pink Cupcakes


1.      First, find your favorite recipe for a white or yellow cake.  Next, whip up that recipe in a large bowl.

2.      Choose your favorite shade of pink food coloring and squeeze generously into your bowl of cake mix!  Because you have to bake the cake and because the cake mix has color already, make your cake mix a few shades darker than the pink you want, the color will fade after you bake.

3.      Next, pour your pink cake mix into a mini cupcake tray, then bake them at the temperature and time that your recipe requires!

4.      After letting your cupcakes cool, pick your favorite frosting to decorate with.  If you have a light colored frosting, you can dye it too!  Once you have frosted your little cupcakes you can go crazy with the decorations!  Try using a cake gel and make shapes on your cupcakes or make a heart design with your sprinkles!

5.      Once you’re done with the decorations, pop some of your super cute cupcakes into a Valentine’s box, wrap them up, then give them to someone special!