Relationship for Me?


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Relationship for Me?

Relationship - Girl Zone

By Maressa Miles

They are the focus of all popular movies and music, yet relationships are daunting and starting them is often an extreme source of anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be. Do you have your eyes set on a certain guy or girl? The first step is remembering that confidence is the key, and that no matter what happens only your opinion of yourself matters.

If you are already friends or acquaintances then the initial meeting is already covered. If not, don’t distress. Conversation is an essential part of any partnerships, so start talking if you want things to start moving. Don’t wait. Show this person who you really are; the best side of yourself. If you’re struggling to find conversation topics consider how you know one another, likely it will lead you to a commonality whether it be a class, a sports team, or a really good book.

But then what? How do you move from casual acquaintances or friends to something more? First of all, we are living in the 21st century; one which I might add is made up of strong and beautiful women. We don’t have to wait for someone else to bring up the subject of dating, we can have anything we set our minds to. That being said, if you are really interested in someone make the first move, ask them to have a coffee, or to grab a bite to eat. Anything that gives you something to sip on or take bites from as a distraction is always good. Outdoor activities such as hiking or hitting the gym can be really awesome too, while showing off your confident side. Try to do something you love, that way you can begin to test the waters; do you have the same interests?

Take your time because a good relationship requires no rushing. If it is going to work it will work with time. You are young, with more than enough years ahead of you to be in a relationship. Don’t waste the chance at a good friendship just to call it something else. If at all possible let things move naturally. We are all different and our experiences will all be different. Don’t judge how things are going for you based on how things went in a movie or follow what your friends did. To use a well-worn phrase, follow your heart. Do what feels right.  

Once you are in a relationship how do you know that it is working? To begin with, are you happy? Does the person you are seeing make you smile or do they make you anxious? What is the point of being in a relationship if it isn’t making your days a little sunnier than they previously appeared. Every girl deserves a partner that supports her, two crutches for one strong love. And again, do what feels right, go within yourself and understand how you truly feel. Ignore the opinions of others, because they aren’t you and they don’t know how you feel. He may be what someone else refers to as a perfect guy and still not be right for you. Only you can determine if a pair of shoes fits, and only you can decide what is right in your life.