Resources - Health/Sex


Here are websites about your physical and mental health - visit these site for more info on sex, contraceptives, drug and suicide issues.

Teenage Health Freak


Girls Health info - iEmily

Our Bodies Ourselves

Sex Ed For The Real World - Scarleteen

Center for Young Womens Health

Planned Parenthood - 1-800-230-PLAN



Eating Disorders - NEDA - 800 931-2237

Eating Disorders - ANAD

Healing From Depression

American Suicide Survival Line - 1-888-784-2433 (1-888-SUICIDE)

Suicide and Depression - SAVE - 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Drug and alcohol - Al-Anon/Al-A-Teen

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

Above the Influence

CDC AIDS/STD Hotline -- 1-888-232-4636, 1-800-CDC-INFO 

National AIDS Hotline - 1-800-342-AIDS


Herpes Resource Center: (919) 361-2120