The Short Seller by Elisa Brent Weissman


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The Short Seller by Elisa Brent Weissman

Elisa Brent Weissman makes the right bet in her new novel The Short Seller.

Reviewed by: Kelley Crawford

Lindy is a seventh grader who finds herself stuck at home with mononucleosis. Being stricken from school due to her contagious state, she must somehow find a way to occupy herself. Television quickly becomes boring, trying to catch up with homework makes her want to fall asleep even more than her mono, and all of her friends are too busy in class to chat or IM with her. When her dad asks her to trade a few stocks for him while he’s at the office suddenly Lindy’s stay at home sickness turns into a money-making opportunity. Lindy always thought of herself as “bad at math,” but with money involved, she is soon reading stock charts, trading on margin, and watching her dollar signs sky-rocket. That is, until she makes a risky move that could land her father in jail and her in deeper trouble than she ever imagined.

Even though the main character in The Short Seller has mono, the way that Weissman uses realistic dialogue, brief chapters, and fast-paced story telling keeps the reader awake and engaged. Weissman takes us into the world of the stock market as well and the world of junior high, which can be rather similar due to their “no mercy” surprises. By the end of the book Lindy has taught the reader about margin, short-selling, stock characters, and where she wants to place her final bet. 

Bottom-Line: An engaging read that is right on the money.

Audience: If you liked Twerp by Mark Goldblatt or Laugh with the Moon by Shana Burg then The Short Seller is the choice for you.