SOLO Dates?????


Do you love your body? Do you feel like it betrays you sometimes? Are you healthy? Discover what your body does and why it feels that way. Find out what other girls are experiencing here.

SOLO Dates?????


By: Cassandra Moen


          Being a girl can be tough work. The pressure to have a perfect face, hour glass figure, lean legs and perky personality feels like we are carrying a 5 ton whale on our shoulders. We are constantly being bombarded with images and comments about our bodies, how we should dress, and how we should act. Small feet, big lips, narrow hips, thigh gaps, perfect hair, skinny arms, long necks, flat stomachs... the rush of garbage slogans, ridiculous stereotypes and unrealistic expectations leave us unconfident, dependent on others and drowning in self loathing. Societal expectations apply so much pressure that it often feels like we are stretched thin and our true selves are fading away. We become a mechanical and fake version of ourselves (helloooo army of Barbie dolls!!). Being ourselves becomes a pretty intimidating task. 


So... when one of us turns society on its head and decides to be EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS TO BE, we need to spread the inspiration!


      Michie Williamson has declared war on self doubt and self loathing by going on 100 solo dates. Yes, solo dates, as in completely alone (gasp!). Dates can be awkward and intimidating with other people. Being on a date alone can be down right frightening! The self deprecation and perceived judgmental stares can be mortifying! A cup of coffee alone seems impossible and embarrassing. Michie decided to change that way of thinking and pave way for new positve female thinking on being alone. “I love people which is great. However, I really needed to learn to be more independent. I wanted to learn how to really love and enjoy myself.” Struggling with low confidence as a teen and as a young adult, she needed and wanted a new way of seeing herself. Tired of feeling dependent on others for self worth, she turned to herself for the inspiration and drive to change the way she felt about herself and her life.


           In the last year, Michie has gone on 100 solo dates that have challenged her mentally, emotionally and physically. Starting on her birthday, she went on her first solo date; a hike completely alone. “The hardest date so far was definitely the first... It was just really awkward to start...I ended up getting lost and my anxiety went a little wild. I calmed myself down and got back through and felt awesome. I came out feeling confident that I needed to do this and continue my journey.” With a win under her belt, she decided to leave all the self doubt behind and embark on a year long journey to find who she is and elevate her self confidence. 


         Ranging from kayaking trips and long hikes  to a road trip across the country and a trip to South America, she faced crazy heights, fears of falling, awkward moments, getting lost and self doubt. She overcame it all!  One of her favorites was a trip to Six Flags Amusement Park for its annual Fright Fest. “I got to go on every single ride that I wanted without any discussion. I got to eat when I wanted to. Sit when I wanted to. It was very freeing to be on my own... I had to work  up my own courage too on the biggest rides. That was kind of fun though. It added a sense of accomplishment to the whole thing.” 


        Michie has "officially" ended her solo dates with a 100th date getting a tattoo and a bada** hair cut that really cements her rebellion against societal standards on women and the consistent self loathing. She continues to have solo dates and is looking for new ways to ignite self love. She challenged herself to find her true self and to be comfortable in her own skin. By being comfortable in her own skin, she has changed the way others see her. Less pressure. less doubt. More adventures. More love.  Society now sees Michie, not just a body. 


Michie is a real GIRL making a real CHANGE to really LOVE HERSELF and INSPIRING girls everywhere.