Stupid Cancer


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Stupid Cancer

Changing the World, One App at a Time: Introducing Instapeer

By Julia Schemmer

Going through cancer is not a smooth road. On top of various treatments, chemotherapy, experimental drugs, and the side effects of the disease – including hair loss, depression, and constant nausea, the cancer patient becomes vulnerable towards loneliness and isolation. Because the patient spends weeks in a hospital receiving treatment, often, they are too sick to visit their family, friends, and coworkers. In addition, many people feel uncomfortable to talk to a cancer patient, worried that they are acting too unnatural or offensive towards the patient.  

However, the creative minds of Stupid Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives for young cancer patients, are launching an innovative new app combating the loneliness, depression and isolation that many cancer patients face. In this app, cancer patients will have the opportunity to receive free, instant, anonymous support at any given moment. After creating an account, the patient will be matched to a selection of cancer patients – either in remission or active patients – who they will be able to ‘connect’ with.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?! In order to bring Instapeer to life, Stupid Cancer needs your help in fundraising the costs of application development. Since Stupid Cancer is a nonprofit organization, you will receive a tax deduction on every donation you make for the progress of this app. Maybe get your school or parents on board. It is YOUR chance to promote dignity, community and companionship for people affected by cancer.

For more information about Instapeer, please visit and make a difference!