Summer Reading List for 2014


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Summer Reading List for 2014

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Hey Summer Readers! School is out, which means poolside reading is in season. Girl Zone has compiled a list of "must reads" for the summer in order to fill your mind with magical worlds, romantic entanglements, and topics you can only dream about when in the classroom. There's something for everyone here, so take a look and enjoy the rays while flipping through some new pages.

There’s nothing better than a summer romance, even if it comes on the pages of some sizzling YA Novels. Here are our picks to keep the summer sizzling:

Every Day (David Levithan) - Boy meets dream girl, but there’s one small problem—he changes bodies everyday. Now he must romance and love her with a new face every 24 hours.

Love is the Drug (Alaya Dawn Johnson) - With an epidemic sweeping the city, love is what keeps the two main characters searching for a cure to everything but their love.

Beautiful Disaster—Beautiful #1 (Jamie McGuire) - Good girl meets bad boy at college, and she gets lessons they don’t teach her in class.

Biggest Flirt—The Superlatives (Jennifer Echols) - A flirt meets her match when a new guy comes to her school and asks her for a commitment. Her reputation not only proceeds her, but now it’s starting to define her and possibly make her lose the one guy she really loves.

Looking for a Little Mystery? Here are some top picks for YA mystery novels that will keep your nails trim (bite away!) throughout the summer:

The Naturals (Jennifer Lynn Barnes) -Young teen turns FBI agent and while searching for the murderer of her mom, she finds her way into the heart of two guys as well as herself

Wrapped (Jennifer Bradbury) - A teen socialite finds herself at a mummy unwrapping party (did we mention the setting is 1815 in London and boasting some rather magnificent dresses?), and her adventures start to unravel more mysteries than she ever imagined.

Death Cloud—Young Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins (Andrew Lane) - Get a glimpse into the life of Sherlock Holmes before he was being obsessively streamed through Netflix. The mystery and the swagger are still there, but with this series you also get to see Sherlock’s growing pains.

The Raven Boys—The Raven Cycle #1 (Maggie Stiefvater) - Young, somewhat impressionable girl is supposed to stay away from The Raven Boys and all their mischief, but she decides to ignore everyone’s advice and fly along with them. Trouble, adventure, and questionable acts soon follow.

Are you missing all that wisdom you get in the classroom? Well, here are some YA historical fiction novels that will have you traveling through time and your synapses:

A Moment Comes (Jennifer Bradbury) - Three teens all find themselves working under the same roof one summer in India. With India being split and all of them coming from different backgrounds, a dangerous entanglement sparks them all to wonder about themselves and this new world.

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World: The Extraordinary True Story of Shackelton and The Endurance (Jennifer Armstrong) - A look into the grueling adventure of Shackleton who went from one end of the world to the other.

Bamboo People (Mitali Perkins) - Two boys on the opposite side of the Burmese-Karenni conflict must learn from those they may never know in order to find their inner strength to help them survive.

Words in the Dust (Trent Reedy) - A young teen girl living under the Taliban rule gets the promise of education and the chance at a facial surgery that will let her match the appearance she’s always had of herself.

Summer fun doesn’t have to all happen out in the sun. For those rainy summer days, here’s some YA novels that will have you laughing through the rain drops:

Beauty Queens (Libba Bray) - A plane crash leaves a group of beauty queens stranded on a deserted island without any eyeliner and a whole bunch of nails filed into claws.

Born to Rock (Gordon Korman) - What’s the biggest shock that can come to a straight-edged, young Republican president his senior year of high school? That his biological father is the lead singer of one of the most destructive and popular punk bands ever to have lived. Let the craziness begin.

Does My Head Look Big in This? (Randa Abdel-fattah) -  When a sixteen year-old girl decides to start wearing the hijab, she finds that the reactions she gets make her want to hide her face as well.

Now that you can daydream at your leisure, here are our picks for YA fantasy novels:

Poison Study—Study Book 1 (Maria V. Snyder) -  A little bit of butterfly dust and the impending threat of her death keeps this teen girl moving through her magical powers in order to save her own life.

Wicked Lovely (Melissa Marr) - For this teen girl who’s always been able to see faeries, she has learned rules of how to stay at a close distance. That is, until one faerie sets his eyes on her and just won’t let her go.

Vampire Academy—The full series (Richelle Mead) - With all the vampire books out there, bite into this one where teen girls must learn their vampire ways while helping each other and protecting those that they don’t want to become like them.