Survive Gym Class!


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Survive Gym Class!

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Oh, gym. That wonderful class where you’re told to strip down in front of your peers, sweat buckets, huff and puff, and dodge kick balls…for a grade. And whether you love it or loathe it, everyone could use a few tips on making the most of it. So, read on for your personalized fitsmi survival guide to gym class:

Be prepared:   Um, hello! You have homework in all your other classes, so of course you have homework for gym! Except this time, instead of writing book reports and reading chapters in your text book, you’ve got to prepare your body. That means, getting enough sleep each night (at least 8 hours) and eating a healthy breakfast. Homework that makes you actually feel better? Now that’s something we can get behind.

Avoid a stink-tastrophy:  Yeah, personal hygiene is always a good idea, but it’s absolutely crucial when you’re taking gym. Shower each morning before class, and then rinse off again after gym if your locker room has showers. Also, don’t forget the deodorant!

Wear clean clothes each day. You might be tempted to wear a gym outfit a couple of times before bringing it home for a wash, but resist the urge. If you pull a crumpled, sweaty t-shirt out of your locker and throw it on for class, well, you’re gonna smell.

Don’t let your smell make you self-conscious. Follow these simple rules, and you’ll be smelling fresh and clean both before and after your sweat session!

Give it your best:  Here’s an interesting thought, why not actually try to get a good workout during gym class? Normally we’re so focused on what our friends are doing and whether or not we look stupid in these shorts that we forget we’re supposed to be breaking a sweat. But since you’re stuck here anyway, why not make the most of it, and make it count as your daily exercise? Plus, getting an A in gym wouldn’t feel too bad either.

We know we said try your best, but there are two big exceptions – 1) If you start to feel lightheaded or faint, SIT DOWN and take some deep breaths! When you’re starting a new exercise routine it’s easy to overwork yourself. Pay attention to your body, and listen if it says it needs a break. After all, you want to be known as the girl with the killer pass, not the girl who passes out. 2) If you’re sick (stomach ache, cramps, flu, cough/cold) take the day off, seriously. Get a note from your doctor or the school nurse, and either go home, or wait out gym class in the library. Exercising while you’re ill will only delay your recovery and you could get your classmates sick as well.

Ignore the haters (and the jerks): Gym class jerks – avoid these kids at all costs. They’re the ones who take gym way too seriously. The ones who will happily injure themselves and the people around them to show off their athletic talent. Yeah, like we care. You can set a good example by being a good sport – you know, don’t brag, don’t cry, don’t hog the ball, take turns – you get the picture.

Worried about not being a sports superstar? Um, don’t. Sure, there are probably a few natural born athletes in your class, but we can guarantee that most of your classmates are thinking the exact same things you are.

Ignore the haters. Okay, there might occasionally be people in your gym class that laugh. Kids who think it’s funny if you (and most of your classmates) can’t sprint a mile in under 6 minutes. But you know what? They’re only doing it as a sad attempt to boost their own self-confidence. Lame, right? So don’t give them the satisfaction of a response. And speaking of which, don’t laugh at anyone else either. Golden rule, you know?

What about you? Do you love or loathe your gym class?

Article provided by Fitsmi.