A+ Tips For Acing Your Tests This Year


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A+ Tips For Acing Your Tests This Year

By: Nina Boretz

                 It’s that time again! We’re putting away our beach totes and flip-flops and putting on our backpacks and sweaters. You got it: its back to school! So, before we start worrying about who we’re sitting next to in homeroom, our geometry class crush or how to make the cafeteria food edible I think we should focus on some priorities. At the top of my list is having some serious study skills to ace any exam or quiz that comes my way. After all that’s what school is really about: learning. So girls, you are in luck because I’ve got the cheat sheet to acing your tests.

  •  My first tip is Organization. If you know what you need to study for and when you you’re going to study then you are already on the fast track to success. Try color-coding your binders. DEFINITELY get a planner or agenda book to write down when your tests are and pencil in times you can study for then that fits into your schedule with any extracurricular activities you may have, that way nothing ever sneaks up on you. You will always be prepared if you stay organized. Find time each day to do some organization maintenance.
  •  My next tip is to find your study sanctuary. Find a place that you feel comfortable, undistracted and relaxed so you can really focus and actually remember what you need to know when you sit down to take a test.
  •  Another tip is to know your study style. There is no one right way to study. Everyone has a method that works best for them, so figure out whether flashcards, highlighting, listening to a recording or doing an interactive game on a website work best for you and explore different ways to make the grade.
  •  Also, it is so important before a big exam or test to ask questions. Ask your teacher what kind of test it will be (multiple choice, short answer or essay?), ask what material will be on the test, how the test is graded and if her or she can provide you with any study materials. Teachers love when students show enthusiasm and an interest in doing well, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions you need to in order to do your best!
  •  My last tip is to get enough sleep and have a healthy breakfast the day of your test. You might think this is a no brainer, but proper fuel and a good night’s sleep is so important in order to do your best. You could study for days and know all the required material, but if you didn’t eat breakfast that morning or sleep well the night before your test, then you will have trouble remembering what you studied and all that hard work will be for nothing, so don’t let it slide!

           The most important thing to remember to be a star studier is to not stress out, plan ahead and make sure you have time for fun too! So girls enjoy the falling leaves, pumpkin flavored everything and plaid skirts because fall is here and school is in session!