Tips for the Fall


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Tips for the Fall

fall tips


By Becca Adams



It’s FALL and school is in session! Need a new start for the school year? A new school year can be a great time to be a new you and start fresh.


Take some notes, here are five tips to start this school year off right.



  1. Fashion. The fall is my favorite fashion season, you get to break out flannels, cozy sweaters and great boots. But maybe you want to mix your style up this year and give the classic fall look a little something extra. If so, try some bright lipstick or bold earrings. Keep it simple but a pop of color can be a great statement.

  2. Get engaged in your classes. It can be hard to be mentally present in a class you’re not interested in but asking questions and participating make the class go by a whole lot quicker. Participation in classes doesn’t go unnoticed by teachers and might give you some extra points when final grades come out.

  3. Meet new people! Sit next to someone you’re interested in getting to know, as a friend or potentially more. You can never have too many friends and it also makes everything easier when you are studying for an exam and are in need of a study buddy! You can never have too many friends.

  4. Try something new.You know that club you’ve been interested in but never had the time to join? Join it. You meet new people and learn new things.  It’s better to try it out and hate it than to not try it at all. So join karate club, the dance crew, an acapella group or start a new club yourself. It is usually as simple as finding others who are interested and then getting a faculty advisor.

  5. Ultimately, take care of yourself. Starting a new year can be stressful, make sure you don’t take on more than you can handle and find outlets and set up support systems early so that you can use them when you need to. Your happiness matters and as great as it is to say “yes”, it is also important to say “no”.


Fall is upon us and this transition of seasons is a great opportunity for us to make some changes. Follow these tips to have a good start but remember, you need to come first. So take care of yousrelf above all else.