11 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence


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11 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

1) Because she loves food as much as we do. Specifically, pizza.

2) And she also knows that food is the most important meal at any event, including the Academy Awards. Who needs a swanky awards show if there’s no snack table?

3) Because she’s so cool that Dior extended her contract for three more years. #Casual

4) Did we mention that she’s also cool enough to rock a Dior necklace backwards? Fashion rules don’t exist when you’re J-Law.

5) Because she’s the Katniss Everdeen. And she kissed Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, which really, is already enough to win at life.

6) Because she can spill candy in the middle of a press conference, trip up the stairs while WINNING an Oscar, and still charm the heck out of America. If only every embarrassment could be made as flawlessly as J-Law’s.

7) Speaking of awards, she was only 22 when she won Best Actress, making her the second youngest woman to ever do so. But hey, I still get brownie points for completing my homework today, right?

8) Because one of her many assets is being a great friend, but not one afraid to joke.

9) Because she knows that Brad Pitt smells like sandalwood, and that’s more than we can say about Brad Pitt.

10) Because she makes Mean Girls references when accepting an award, as any professional human would.

11) Because even after all of her success, she still knows how to be a role model.