What Kind Of Friend Are You?

What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Do You Like How Your Friends Treat You?

By Cinse Bonino

To have friends, you have to BE a friend. So what kind of friend are you? Are you a fair-weather friend, or can your friends count on you no matter what? Are you a nail-biting, worry-wart friend who sees betrayal at every corner? Do you think friends grow on trees, or do you beg for friendship down on your knees?

You are either frantic that you are going to do something to upset your friends or frazzled because you think that your friends aren't quite nice enough to you.

There are probably more songs written about friendship - You've gotta have friends, You have a friend, I get by with a little help from my friends, - than anything else except of course for love. The whole world wants friends, but there are all kinds of friends: those that make us crazy, those that make us cry, and those we feel we almost can't live without. Take this quiz to find out what kind of friend you are.


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