Who We Are


GirlZone.com is about your life and your unique identity.  We are a community for teen girls that provides articles and advice about your life.  You will find it all here – fashion, fitness, cooking, body, health, sex, relationships, DIY, book/music/movie/tech reviews and lots of quizzes. You can Join as a Member to take advantage of special features like our Shades of Me identity profile, comment on and share articles, enter giveaways and show your creative side.

Girl Zone is based in Burlington, Vermont, with contributors from all over the world.  Our Editor, Erica Portillo, lives in Chicago.    Here is a message from Erica:

Hi lovelies,

Girl Zone is for the girl who wants to look good & feel good, from the inside out. 

I believe that every girl is stunning and one of a kind. You can't be categorized, generalized or defined-That's the beauty of it. Each of you are walking a different path and only you know the way. There is one thing all teens can relate to, though-striving to figure out who you are and where you fit in this world. So, whatever you've fallen in love with at the moment-fitness, fashion, beauty, boys, school, friends, celebs-we've got it covered! 

As you experience your own fun, crazy and sometimes stressful life journey, Girl Zone is the perfect place to go for support. Sometimes, we can all use a little guidance and we've got your back. You can ask that totally embarrassing question to Ms KnowBody, get advice about guys from the GZ Advisor (they really should come with a manual!) and share your deepest thoughts in Expresso. Can't wait to hear from you! XO 

Be Inspired. Daily.


Girl Zone was one of the very few independent websites for teen girls, originally launched in 1997.   We address issues of concern for today's teens but mostly our site is relevant and FUN for our viewers.   We have great writers, bloggers and content from our amazing partners.  We offer up special features for registered members - including the unique Shades of Me profile, sharing, boards and user generated content areas.

Our Promise

We will ALWAYS listen to girls.  We'd love to hear what you think about Girl Zone. Please. Read us. Talk to us. We'll listen.

We want you to help us stay on top of issues that concern you and make this a place for you to be yourself and have a good time.

Girl Zone's Own

The staff of Girl Zone bring a wealth of talent to the creation and sustainabilty of Girl Zone.  We have writers/contributors from around the world. We have a dedicated team of interns.  We have an Girl Advisory Board to make sure everything we do is on track for teen girls.

Contact us for internships, the girl advisory board and content ideas.


  • MJ Reale – President/Founder (mjr@girlzone.com)
  • ŸErica Portillo – Editor (editor@girlzone.com)
  • ŸScott Weiner – CTO                                                                                                                                                                                                               


ŸHeather Leonard – Nutritionist/Educator
ŸKris Gowen – Adolescent Development Specialist
ŸStacy Sigmon – Behavior Modification Specialist
ŸKaren Jashinsky – Fitness consultant, 02MaxFitness
ŸNicole Lazzaro – Game designer, XEO Design
ŸMegan Gasier – Game consultant, Contagious Creativity
ŸKatie Davis – Researcher/Author, The App Generation


  • Managing Editor - Cassandra Moen
  • Assistant Editor - Jessica Salem
  • Social Media  - Nina Boretz
  • Shari Levine - Inside Out, Ask Ms. KnowBody        
  • Kelley Crawford - Book Review Editor 
  • Patsy Jamieson - Recipe Contributor
  • Maggie Steele - Teen Coach Blogger
  • Carissa Dragatogiannis - Fashion Blogger - Style Crush
  • Alexa Curtis - Fashion Blogger - Life in the Fashion Lane
  • Anna Sher, Courtney Trnka, Candice Moore - Graphics

For a full list of contact info see the Contact Us page